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Biography of Turel Sut 

Turel was born in Izmir, Turkey on one of those hot Turkish summer days in 1972. Around the age of five his family discovered his talent and interest in painting so they sent him on drawing and painting courses. At the age of seven, his paintings were displayed on a children’s program called Gökkusagi (Rainbow) on Turkish national TV channel TRT. With encouragement from his primary school teacher, his paintings won trophies from the ages of seven to twelve.

At the age of eighteen, Turel successfully entered Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey where he studied Fine Art. While he was still studying, he worked alongside his tutor Mr Zeki Karcioglu in a fresco studio as a professional artist. During long summer university holidays, Turel travelled Europe taking on commission work. After university, he moved to England where he took on a variety of commissions.

Turel lived in England for over 11 years. During that period, he worked on community art projects in Hastings, East Sussex.

His Recent Projects:


Between 2006 and 2008 He worked on a panel fresco community art project and held a solo exhibition Hastings Delight.This might be the first ever “panel fresco” exhibition to take place in Hastings and in England.At this exhibition he reflected the harmony of Hastings by depicting people who and buildings which have had a significant impact on the town, such as Elizabeth Blackwell,Thomas Brassey,John Logie Baird and Hastings Castle.

2008 – 2009

Turel founded and ran a community art project, Recycled Art for the Victims of Redundancy. The aim of the project was to use waste materials to create art with people who had been made redundant due to the financial crisis at that time. Forty people attended the classes, and they were an exercise in decision making and in creating artworks from scratch.


July 2009

Turel organised what is believed to be the first ever International Recycled Art Competition to take place in England.

August 2009

He held an exhibition titled Recycled Art in Hastings, England

While living in England, five of Turel’s art works were put on permanent display. One piece in a church, three pieces in a museum and one in Hastings Town Hall. Turel also won awards for his projects and art work. His most important achievement was being selected as a Local Hero and presented with an award for Making a Community Difference in Hastings, in October 2009.Then in 2011, two of his artworks were put on permanent display at the International Blind Centre, Landschlacht, Switzerland.



Turel worked on his latest project called Sense the Colours which will allow the blind and partially sighted to interpret art by touching and smelling the art works. There are also audio guides describing each painting. Turel aims to give the blind and partially sighted an opportunity to interact and participate in art the way they are used to interacting with the world by using their other senses.

He believes services for the blind or visually impaired visitors are extremely limited in museums and art galleries everywhere in the world. This lack of access inspired Turel to produce this project, Sense the Colours.

Throughout 2011 this project toured Germany and Switzerland. The descriptions of each work have been translated into four languages, English, German, Turkish and Italian. In the next twelve months the project is likely to tour Turkey, and English and Italian speaking countries.


He set up a recycled art project in Konstanz, Germany after the success of the recycled art project in England. The 2011 project provides art for foreigners living in Germany with the aim of improving social, and cultural integration.


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